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Woman with a neck injury who wants to launch a personal injury law suit with the help of a trusted injury lawyer, car accident lawyer or Alberta injury lawyer listed in the Edmonton lawyer directory.
Car accident with victims who will make a personal injury law suit with the help of a top personal injury lawyer, car accident lawyer or Alberta injury lawyer in the law offices of Kiriak Law, among the best law firms in Edmonton offering free introductory consultations.
Accident victim who can launch a personal injury law suit by searching for a personal injury lawyer, injury lawyers in Edmonton, car accident lawyer or Alberta injury lawyers in the law offices of Kiriak Law.

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It is a sad fact that many victims of personal injury do not receive fair injury compensation – and some receive virtually no compensation damages even though they could have launched a personal injury lawsuit.

Many individuals have difficulty answering these fundamental questions without the help of a top personal injury lawyer:

  • How do you launch a personal injury lawsuit?
  • What does a personal injury lawyer do?
  • What tactics are used by insurance company lawyers?
  • How are personal injury law suit claims calculated?
  • How much should I pay for personal injury lawyer fees?
  • What sets apart the best personal injury lawyer from all the other disability lawyers and accident attorneys in Edmonton with law offices in Edmonton?

The answers are more complex than you would expect, which explains why so many individuals eligible to launch a personal injury lawsuit make critical errors when they hire a personal injury lawyer, also known as a personal injury attorney, an accident lawyer or disability lawyer.

Doctor examining car accident victim, arranged after the victim hired a top Edmonton personal injury lawyer in the law offices of Kiriak Law, staffed with injury lawyers in the Alberta lawyer directory. Often times the problem is that the victim did not seek out the assistance of a law firm with a personal injury lawyer and instead relied on the insurance company, a crucial mistake because the insurance company has a mandate to minimize any claims for damages. In other situations, the victim selected a personal injury lawyer with little or no experience in handling personal injury claims or they waited too long to contact an Alberta injury lawyer.

Choosing Kiriak Law to launch a personal injury lawsuit gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are being represented by a proven personal injury lawyer who has handled numerous accident claim law suits and knows how to sue an insurance company. You will also appreciate that attorney fees are highly competitive, we offer free introductory consultations with a top personal injury attorney and you don’t pay until your case is settled and we have obtained the compensation for your injury.

Brain, head, back and soft tissue personal injuries can happen anywhere any time

While many personal injury law suits involve car accidents, the truth is that accidents can happen anywhere at any time. For example, a top Edmonton personal injury lawyer specializing in injury compensation can expect to be approached with personal injury claims related to animal attacks, bicycle accidents, catastrophic injury, disability benefits, motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, snowmobile accidents, wrongful deaths and spinal cord injuries. There are also incidents that you could not imagine, such as the handful of individuals who are injured every year in car accidents that happen inside car washes!

To learn more about personal injury lawsuits, including compensation for head, brain, back and soft tissue injuries, and how to make a personal injury claim, visit our FAQS page, covering commonly asked questions about personal injuries, including accidents involving cars, vehicles, trucks and motorcycles. Helpful tips on how to to launch a personal injury law suit are covered on our Accident Claims and Getting Started pages – must reading for anyone that needs an accident lawyer who offers reasonable attorney fees relative to the rates offered by the best personal injury lawyers listed in the Edmonton lawyer directory.

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