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Jerry Kiriak, Principal of Kiriak Law

Edmonton Law Office - Signing PapersJerry Kiriak established Kiriak Law in July, 1998 to offer clients compassionate representation of their legal rights at highly competitive rates. Since then, his practice has grown to the point where the law firm now has three Associate Lawyers, Sam Safi, Min Young Lee, and Claire Spicer.

“I take great pride in the smiles and thanks I get from client’s when their legal issues are resolved promptly and at a reasonable cost, so they can move on to bigger and better things in their lives," say Mr. Kiriak. “What I love most is talking to the people that walk in the door to see me. I listen to their story and feel empathy for their legal issues, knowing that I can do something really good for them."

Areas of practice: Family Law, Real Estate Law, Personal Injury Law and Wills and Estates

Education: LLB, University of Calgary

Called to the Bar: 1993

Personal Interests: Jerry enjoys playing hockey, baseball and tennis, skiing, golfing, chess, traveling, singing, and listening to music.

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Sangin 'Sam' Safi, Associate Lawyer

Sangin ‘Sam’ Safi, a top Edmonton lawyer offering legal advice and services at Kiriak LawSam joined the firm as an associate in October 2016 after articling at a general practice law firm. Prior to law school, he worked as an auditor and an appeals officer for the Canada Revenue Agency. He has also spent some time working in the insurance industry and retail sales.

Currently, Sam maintains a civil litigation oriented general practice, with a special focus on estates and immigration. He is also a sessional instructor at MacEwan University and teaches Introductory Business Law in the School of Business.

Sam places a high priority on developing two-way communication with a client. "The client needs to understand the legal issues and we need to understand the client's immediate and long-term goals," says Sam.

Sam is fluent in Pashto and Hindi and can also converse in Persian and Punjabi.

Areas of practice: Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law, Wills and Estates and Immigration.

Education: Juris Doctor (2015), Bachelor of Commerce (with Distinction) (2009)

Called to the Bar: 2016

Personal interests: Sam enjoys travelling with family, exploring "hidden gem" restaurants around the world, and reading about history, politics, and economics.

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Min Young Lee, Associate Lawyer

Min Young Lee, associate lawyer with top Edmonton family law firm Kiriak LawMin Young was a summer student at Kiriak Law in 2015. She returned as an articling student in June 2016, following her graduation from the University of Alberta with a Juris Doctor degree. She is interested in many areas of law, including family, wills and estates, and civil litigation, and is committed to continual improvement in everything she does.

Min Young was called to the Alberta Bar in 2017.

Min Young is fluent in Korean and her personal interests include cooking, volunteering and travelling. She also enjoys listening to classical music and attending live theatre performances.

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Claire Spicer, Associate Lawyer

Claire Spicer, Associate Lawyer, Kiriak Law, a top Edmonton law firm for Family Law, Personal Injury, Wills & Estates, immigration law, corporate tax law and Canada Revenue Agency tax disputes. Claire joined Kiriak Law in January 2018, after articling under Marilyn Sheckter at the Legal Family Crisis Clinic in Edmonton. She is a graduate of the University of Alberta Juris Doctor program and was called to the Alberta Bar in 2017.

People who know Claire say she genuinely cares about people and is a good problem solver, qualities that make her the ideal lawyer to handle Family Law legal cases, her primary focus as an Associate of Kiriak Law. "In a divorce or child custody dispute, emotions can run high," she notes. "Managing those emotions is just as important as addressing the legal issues."

She encourages every client to be open to new ideas. "It is never a good idea to go into a legal matter with fixed ideas," she explains. "The best approach for your situation may be something you never even imagined. It is my job to find that solution and in the process help my client save time and money."

Anyone meeting Claire for the first time will immediately notice that her first priority is to hear the client's needs and concerns. "I listen very carefully to what the client has to say because my plan of action will be based in large part on the information I gather from the client. Also, I want to get a sense of who my client is as a person and I want the client to connect with me in the same way. That is very important."

Best results are achieved when the client and lawyer work together closely, she says. "You should never leave everything to your lawyer," she says. "It is far better to work as a team with a clear division of responsibilities between the client and the lawyer. For example, the client can help move things along by acting promptly on any actions requested by a lawyer. Time matters in any legal case."

Claire's personal interests include running, riding horses, and travelling.

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