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Edmonton lawyer Jerry Kiriak understands Alberta real estate law and can assist with the buying or selling of a house, home, property or condo while offering reasonable solicitor legal feesTake a moment to review our highly competitive fees for solicitor legal services related to real estate transactions, one more reason why you should be represented by a property attorney at Kiriak Law.

Sale of Home Real Estate Fee

Fee: $495.00

If property is a condominium: Add $100.00

If vendor(s) does not have a current Real Estate Property Report/compliance: Add $100.00

Purchase of Home Real Estate Fee (requires mortgage financing)

Fee: $495.00

Mortgage: $450.00
Subsequent mortgage(s): Add $250.00

Mortgage Refinancing Real Estate Fee

Fees (includes payout of existing mortgage on title) $450.00

Additional payouts (per payout) Add $25.00 each

Additional Attorney Legal Fees

In the following situations, additional real estate lawyer fees apply:

Within three weeks or less of the closing date:
(Add $100.00)

Within two weeks or less of the closing date:
(Add $200.00)

Within one week or less of the closing date:
(Add $250.00)

Legal Fees for Title Insurance

If title insurance is required either by the lender or to facilitate closing the transaction on time, an additional fee of $150.00 to $300.00 applies. On request, we can obtain title insurance on your behalf or provide more information about property insurance.

Get started today by contacting us online or by phone to request a free, no-obligation introductory consultation with a property attorney at Kiriak Law.

"I made the mistake of not listening to Jerry the first time and then everything blew up and I'll never do that again. Jerry knows what he is doing."

Crystal G.
Edmonton, Alberta

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