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Edmonton divorce law office helpA lot is at stake when you decide to file for legal separation for divorce. What is a fair division of financial assets? How much alimony or spousal support is going to be paid? What about child custody?

There are no quick, easy answers, especially if the parties have fundamental disagreements over how to complete a legal separation or divorce. In this situation, you need the help of an experienced divorce lawyer with a long track record of success, which is exactly what you will find at Kiriak Law, a leader among law offices in Edmonton offering family law services.

You will notice the difference from the moment you receive your free introductory consultation with a Kiriak Law Family Law lawyer. This consultation can happen in your home or in our offices. We will listen to your concerns and explain how family law applies to your case. Ask us about anything: spousal support , separation laws, divorce law in Alberta, uncontested divorce. We are here to help.

Our clients tell us these sessions are very calming because they take the mystery out of divorce and separation in Alberta and make the client feel like they are gaining control. So why wait? Get started today by giving us a click or a call.

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