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Canada Revenue Agency sign, with storm clouds in the background, symbolizing the problems that can come up in tax litigation, a tax audit or any other Canadian tax dispute requiring the help of a Canadian CRA tax lawyer like Sangin Sam Safi.
Tax litigation document, requiring the attention of Canada tax lawyer Sangin Sam Safi, a recognized business and corporate law attorney, just one the top lawyers in Kiriak Law, a top law firm in Edmonton Alberta.
Canada tax lawyer Sangin Sam Safi, a business and corporate lawyer who offers reasonable rates for legal services related to a Canadian tax dispute, tax litigation or a tax audit and to fight aggressive tax collection methods, including the garnishing of wages and property and criminal prosecution.

Involved in a CRA audit or tax dispute? Get in touch with top Canada tax lawyer Sangin "Sam" Safi

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It is never a good idea to take on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) without the help of a civil litigation lawyer who understands Canada tax law. That's why your first step in any legal matter involving the CRA, such as a Canada revenue agency audit, should be a free introductory consultation with CRA tax lawyer Sangin "Sam" Safi, an Associate Lawyer at Kiriak law who offers reasonable tax lawyer fees and also handles Canadian immigration law, wills, estates and probate.

"Many people make the wrong assumption that the CRA holds all the card and they have no options in a Canadian tax dispute," says Mr. Safi. "There are almost always options for people involved in tax litigation, but you need the help of a tax attorney to identify and pursue the most favorable options." For example, you should never assume that CRA calculations are correct. "It is not unusual for the CRA to miscalculate how much tax you owe," notes Mr. Safi, who can see both sides of a tax dispute because he worked as an auditor and appeals officer for Revenue Canada. "I saw firsthand that many tax payers were not getting good legal representation and I decided to fill that gap by becoming a Tax Lawyer myself."

Mr. Safi says it is always in the client's best interest to seek resolution of any tax dispute as quickly as possible. "Early resolution almost always means you get the best deal possible deal." However, if resolution is not possible through negotiation, you can count on Mr. Safi to be a committed advocate for your position in court."

Involved in a Canada Revenue Agency Audit?

Canada tax lawyer Sangin Safi welcomes inquiries from self-employed business owners or corporations who need a litigation lawyer to:

  • Challenge an assessment or audit
  • Deal with aggressive tax collection
  • Defend you in court
  • Disclose your income without incurring the risk of criminal prosecution
  • Guide and support you through a tax audit
  • Defend your rights when the CRA garnishes your property or wages
  • Provide tax planning

Don't assume the worst when you get a notice from the CRA. Learn about your rights and options by contacting Canada tax lawyer Sangin Safi today by phone (780-944-1777) or online to request your introductory consultation.

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How long does it take to probate a Will in Alberta? Does dying without a will create special legal challenges? How much does a Will cost?

Get answers to your legal questions by requesting a free introductory consultation with Wills and Estates lawyer Sangin "Sam" Safi, who has extensive experience handling probate and estate administration applications."

Mr. Safi stresses the importance of taking prompt action in any legal matter involving Wills and Estates. "It is never a good idea to play the waiting game as you may miss important windows of opportunity that only open once," Mr. Safi says. "I am here to help and the sooner you call me, the more I can help."

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