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Canadian immigration form, completed with the help of Edmonton immigration law lawyer Sangin Sam Safi in Kiriak Law, the best Edmonton immigration law firm for questions on Immigration Law in Canada, immigration hearings and immigration appeals in Federal Court.
Family of immigrants typical of the clients who need Canadian immigration and citizenship lawyer Sangin Sam Safi, who understands immigration law in Canada, offers reasonable immigration lawyer fees and has experience in federal court, handling immigration appeals or supporting a family sponsorship.
Edmonton immigration and citizenship lawyer Sangin 'Sam' Safi, who understands immigration law in Canada, handles federal court appeals and hearings, plus immigration tribunals, family sponsorship and family reunion.

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Improve your chances of successfully completing the immigration process by engaging the affordable legal services of Sangin Sam Safi, a leading Canadian immigration lawyer in a top Edmonton law office, who has a strong grasp of Immigration Law in Canada and also handles tax law, wills, estates and probate.

"Given that immigration applications are a legal process, it only makes sense to engage the help of a lawyer who understands immigration law in Canada and all the legal steps involved in everything from immigration hearings to sponsorships."

Choosing Mr. Safi also means that you will be speaking with someone who understands immigration law in Canada, offers reasonable immigration lawyer fees and has the additional advantage of being able to draw on his own personal experience (Mr. Safi immigrated to Canada at the age of 14 and has helped several family members and friends complete the immigration and citizen processes).

"When you have gone through the immigration process yourself, you understand what it means to the people involved. That's why I have such a passion for helping families reunite and representing the rights of new Canadians who want to contribute positively to our great country."

Affordable immigration lawyer fees and a sound understanding of immigration law in Canada

Applying for citizenship on your own could mean that the entire process takes longer than necessary because of avoidable mistakes. Common do-it-yourself errors include picking the wrong immigration category or failing to respond promptly to Immigration Official inquiries. Other people encounter delays because they submitted incomplete or incorrect applications -- something that won't happen if you have the legal help of Canadian immigration lawyer Mr. Safi.

Get started now by requesting a strictly confidential introductory consultation with Mr. Safi. He welcomes inquiries from anyone who needs to hire an immigration lawyer with experience handling applications for temporary residence (visitor visas, parent and grandparent super visas and work permits) or permanent residence (family and spousal sponsorships).

Mr. Safi can also be of assistance if you have had your first application for immigration denied. "There is a window of opportunity to make a new application, but you need to allow time for the preparation, submission and review of a new application," says Mr. Safi. "Every day counts and it is a sad fact that some immigration applications were denied simply because a deadline was missed."

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How long does it take to probate a Will in Alberta? Does dying without a will create special legal challenges? How much does a Will cost?

Get answers to your legal questions by requesting a free introductory consultation with Wills and Estates lawyer Sangin "Sam" Safi, who has extensive experience handling probate and estate administration applications."

Mr. Safi stresses the importance of taking prompt action in any legal matter involving Wills and Estates. "It is never a good idea to play the waiting game as you may miss important windows of opportunity that only open once," Mr. Safi says. "I am here to help and the sooner you call me, the more I can help."

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