Photo of family after purchasing a home, among the real estate transactions handled by Kiriak Law, an Edmonton law firm offering real estate legal services and a good choice for anyone trying to find an attorney to handle the sale or purchase of a home.

Top Real Estate Transactions Lawyer

End your search for the best real estate lawyers in Edmonton by calling Jerry Kiriak, a leading provider of the complete range of legal services needed to buy or sell a home, condo or property.

Real Estate Law

Accident victim who needs a personal injury law lawyer, accident lawyer or disability lawyer to make a personal injury law suit, a legal service offered by Kiriak Law, a top Edmonton law office listed in the Edmonton lawyer directory.

Personal injury law suit

Learn about personal injury law during a free introductory consultation with Edmonton lawyer Jerry Kiriak, the right choice when you need an accident or disability lawyer to defend your rights and advance your personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury Law

Wife and husband in a tug of war, representing the conflict when spouses separate and divorce, an area of family law handled by Kiriak Law, a law office in Edmonton with good lawyer reviews and offering free consultations.

Family Law, Alberta Divorce Lawyer

Trying to find a lawyer to handle a divorce or separation in Edmonton? Have questions about Common Law? Need a prenup? Call Kiriak Law, a top law office in Edmonton, and ask for your free introductory consultation.

Family & Divorce Law

Kiriak Law lawyer offering affordable wills advice on estate law in Alberta, after client did best wills and estate lawyer in Edmonton search and asked what happens if you die without a will in Alberta

Edmonton Estate Lawyer

Learn why Kiriak Law is the best law firm in Edmonton for anyone who wants clear answers on estate planning and administration questions, including the most commonly raised topic: dying without a will in Alberta.

Wills and Estates Law

Canadian Immigration form, based on immigration law in Canada, completed with the help of Edmonton law office lawyer Sangin Sam Safi, a top rated lawyer for anyone needing help with immigration and citizenship in Canada.

Immigration law in Canada

Discover why your search for the best Canadian immigration law lawyer in Edmonton should end with Sangin 'Sam' Safi, who offers free introductory consultations and affordable legal fees for anyone needing help with immigration and citizenship in Canada.

Immigration Law

Warning sign about Canada Revenue Agency tax audits or tax disputes, which should always be handled with the help of top Canadian taxation lawyer Sangin Sam Safi, a top tax litigation attorney at Kiriak Law.

Facing a Canada Revenue Agency audit?

Involved in a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax audit or dispute? Call Sangin 'Sam' Safi, the best Edmonton tax litigation lawyer for anyone who needs good representation at reasonable rates for legal services.

Canadian Tax Law

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